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The CAD/CAM solutions by Tebis are found where you need maximum efficiency in the process chain from the CAD model to the finished component. Our customers are almost all automobil companys, their suppliers, model-, mold and tool construtors as well as companies in the airplane and mechanial engineering business.



ArtVia net.consult

ArtVia net.consult was founded in 2003 by Silvia Ziolkowski and Arthur Görges. Both have more than 21 years of experience in IT and industry as co-owner, board member and business partner of various companies. The experienced councelling team knows the challenges of medium sized businesses very well.


Datafox develops and produces innovative systems for electronic data capture.

Based on the embedded systems in-house developed customized solutions and custom products for the time recording, access control, data acquisition, machine data acquisition and vehicle data acquisition / telematics are produced.

Datafox is a technology leader when it comes to the functionality of embedded systems for time and data acquisition.

We offer a wide range of mobile and stationary devices to microcontroller and PC-based in rugged industrial design.



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