Software for the benefit of our customers since 1992

We develop modern software for modern manufacturing

The ID Ingenieurgesellschaft für Datentechnik mbH was founded 1992 by Dr. Vell and Dr. Born as an GmbH. The first products were developed in the area of DNC and NC. Later on we focused on and specialized in communication- and integration infrastructure for tool and mold constructors.

Now we are a recognized developer of specialized software in that area and our focus is the automobile industry


Nowadays business:

  • industrial data acquisition
  • integrative data communications
  • innovative database solutions

In our first years we developed hardware solutions for this and over the years several software solutions were developed and optimized. The fundamental ambition of all products is to support the daily workflow of our customers  and to increase and optimize the efficiency and productivity of processes and business transactions.


The core product is PROLEIS 3, it's a superordinated manufacturing data administration software for tool, mold and model construction. Now PROLEIS is used by almost every manufacturer in the German automotive industry and it's refined continuously.

The Team

Right now we have 30 experienced employees and about 90% of whom work in software development.