Data transmission

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Since our founding we engage ourselves in data transmission of any kind via various networks and interfaces. It doesn't matter if it's RS232, ISDN, Datex-P, TCP-IP, OFTP(2) or something else, we do have the right solution and software in our portfolio.

Proleis Abstract Messaging

PROLEIS now features a messaging system, which contains a mail system. PAM offers strong communication possibilities for internal interconnection and teamwork.

This brings the communication of your employees as well as the data transfer from PROLEIS and into PROLEIS to the next level.


fulfills all requirements that are expected of a well engineered OFTP2 software and yet also offers a much higher scope of services than most enterprise solutions on the market.

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Data exchange

via interfaces to business software like SAP, Prisma, Smaragd or KVS.

other interfaces