Document Management System (DMS)

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There are a lot of different document types in modern construction processes. Each document has to be present at a different step of the process. Starting with CAD data (e.g. CATIA data), MS office and PDF documents up to NC-programs with documentation and visualization.


One of the strengths of PROLEIS is a central, versioned document administration throughout all step of the construction process. All necessary data is provided and integrated regardless of the format.


The document administration offers you:

Benutzer- und Fallbezogene Bereitstellung aller benötigten Daten für den jeweiligen Prozessschritt

  • document history and traceability of changes
  • efficient data storage without redundancy
  • version control on document level
  • well-structured archive management
  • data integrity and data security
  • documents assigned to the construction structure
  • user and case specific provision of all data for the respective process step
  • enhanced possibilities for datamining and reporting
  • document access and user control works centralized via PROLEIS through check-in and check-out of documents
  • central document search
  • hierachic document structure
  • paperless construction