DWS Modules

ID Workplan

With ID Workplan you generate workplans and administrate them afterwards. You can structure your workplan using a bill of material. Interdependencies of the operations and relations to their predecessor and successor can be defined via a network plan. The generated workplans can be transfered to the ID Production Control Center for scheduling. Easy administration of workplan details in regard to tool type, component type and construction method as templates. You can assign these templates to components / BOM-positions via drag&drop or through a fully automated assignment via component IDs.

ID Planingassistant

The ID Planingassistant generates and administrates milestones and additional data based on project structures. Milestones, which are displayed as either a table or a gantt-chart, are shown in ID Workplan and can be used for scheduling. We offer filterfunctionality for all levels of this data selection.

ID Production Control Center

The production control center configures the procedure list for scheduling with extensive filter and sorting functions.

These cover:

- timing on resources via drag & drop

- depiction of timed proceedings in configurable Gannt diagrams (resources, task overview, tool overview). Workload capacity for single or grouped resources in shown in a workload histogram (shows planning and pre planning, overcapacity for planning and pre planning)

- definition of resourse calendars for single and group resources

- assignment of calendars on single and group resource basis 

ID Reporting

The reporting module functions as graphical display of:

- capacity quote

- proceedings and milestone regarding capacity utilitization

- deadline fulfillment

- variance analysis

The display in configurable and can be exported as a JPEG or Excel file.

Projektcontroller Project controller

The PROLEIS Module DWS (Project controller) is for the analysis of personal constribution, split up into cost centers along the project structure. It also has a function to transfer the personal constribution to a superior controlling or financial system. It's also possible to display the total costs after our system picked the coresponding data for personal and external constribution from the superior system. Version 2.3 and up offer, with the additional module "multistep capacity and revenue planning", a anaylsis of planned personal and external constribution.


The groundwork of other PROLEIS modules joints intelligently in the workshop and cares about, that you have the right material, at the right machine, with the correct data at the right time. Like this we ensure a efficient workload at best adherence to schedule as possible.

With DNC PROLEIS integrates the machine park into the system and enables it to send programs from the construction data administration directly to a specific machine. PROLEIS supports a wide range of interfaces of the respective machine companies to integrate all machines into the system. The user can see all necessary data for the respective step quickly and well sorted.

This data consistancy enables quick reactions upon change requests. You can stop the whole construction process for a non valid version with just one mouse click - from construction to machine.