Machine data collection

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What is MDA?

MDA serves for acquisition of resource activities of machines as well as the logging of correspondig data in a database.

Afterwards it's possible to analyse and visualize this data with additional software solutions by ID.


Why is it good to have a machine data aquisition (MDA)?

  • post calculation of orders
  • overview of machine running times
  • shortening of downtime
  • improved machine workload

Features of our MDA-solution include:

  • direct coupling of the control system / machine
  • as NT service or dialog application
  • openly configurable logfile format (ASCII)
  • acquisition of primary and secondary time
  • acquisition of application start and end
  • acquisition of technology data (Tool, WzW, etc.)
  • qualification of secondary time
  • coupling to mail system or SMS gateway (SMTP) 
  • monitoring the acquisition via watchdog processes

How does machine data aquisition work?

The data acquisition works via a control system specific element for machines from companies like Heidenhain, Fidia, Siemens and others.

The captured data is collected on a connected PC and then piped into a Oracle database for further processing.

The acquisition is totally fail safe and informs you e.g. via SMS about machine down times that are above the norm. The local machine operator is able to qualify the secondary times on the PC for different machines.

PROLEIS takes over at this point and visualizes and evaluates the MDA  data.