Production planning and control system (PPS)

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PROLEIS contains a PPS system which can be tweaked to your exact situation and needs. You can put your attention especially on the multiple interfaces that are offered by PROLEIS. Our PPS system works as an integrated part of  a comprehensive ERP system. Through our longstanding experience with tool and mold constructors and close collaboration with the biggest players in the German automotive industry, we know how to handle high product complexities. From there we have a big amount of know-how in how to organize planning and controlling optimally.   

Our dynamic workshop control offers various modules to control your operational construction. E.g. a production control center which controls manufacturiung units and plants autonomously. The production control center gets its production orders from the PPS system. The production results are captured by PDA and MDA and reported back to the PPS system. Modules like "Reporting" and "project controller" enable you to evaluate your projects and optimize your workflows like never before!